What I’m calling a “button” is actually a bookmarklet. It allows you to save anything you see on the web into ShoppingNotes in just two clicks.

For Firefox, it’s really easy to place this button on the toolbar and takes only 5 seconds, just follow instructions here. If you want to know how to save a product into ShoppingNotes using Firefox, please see illustrations in my previous post.

For Internet Explorer, it’ll take about 30 seconds to put it on your toolbar. Please refer to the illustrations below:

Go to the Install page, right click on “Save to My ShoppingNotes” link, then select “Add to Favorites” from the pull-down menu.

After you do this, two windows will pop up, just click on “Yes” and “OK“.

Then you’ll see a window letting you select where you want to put the “Save to My Shoppingnotes” link into. To make your life easier, select the “Links” folder, then click “OK”.

To see the “Save to My Shoppingnotes” on your toolbar, all you need is to check you toolbar settings under “View” (on the Internet Explorer top menu bar). Make sure “Links” is checked. And if you want to move “Links” to a different place on your toolbar, make sure you unlock the toolbar first so you can move things around. Don’t forget to lock your toolbar after you’ve moved the “Save to My ShoppingNotes” to where you want.

Done!!!  Now everytime you want to save a product into your shoppingnotes, just click on the “Save to My ShoppingNotes” button!

To save a product into ShoppingNotes, follow these instructions (or refer to the step-by-step illustrations I’ve written for Firefox and IE).