A few days ago we upgraded our system for faster email delivery and larger capacity.  During the process, however, the system had a glitch, which might have caused dozen of our users some sign-in problem.  Although it was immediately fixed, we still asked all our users to sign in again for safety purposes.  You need to do this only once, and everything should be the same as usual, except now you will be receiving your price alert emails earlier every day.

We’ve also fixed an Internet Explorer 8 problem, which could show an error message when you use the “Save to My Shopping Notes” button.  No actions are needed on your part.  In addition, we’ve released the “Save to My Shopping Notes” button for Chrome and Safari as well.  Give it a try!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So go set some price alerts for your significant other. He or she may appreciate those price drop notifications! :)