my ShoppingNotes


Women are busy. We carry our lives and the lives of everyone around us on our shoulders.  Many times I don’t even have time for grocery shopping.  That’s the main reason that I keep everything online, light bulbs, shoes, “green” detergents, baby stuff, everything.


I usually go to Yahoo Shopping to find a product, and use Google for not so common items.  Finding something is not a problem these days, the problem is I don’t know what to do with all the things I’ve found.  


Sometimes I buy the first thing I see just because I don’t want to deal with the 434,000 choices I get from Google.


I don’t need more information. There’s already too much information on the internet. I just need a better way to organize it.


This was the thinking when ShoppingNotes was born.


I want to be able to keep everything I’ve found on the web, it doesn’t matter whether I saw it in Google, Yahoo Shopping, or someone’s blog.  With just one click, I would be able to save any link along with an image, price and product description. Also I want to be able to create lists, copy/move/delete things, sort products in a variety of ways, and keep the prices updated.


And this is exactly what ShoppingNotes does.  No more zillions of links under Internet Explorer’s “Favorites”, no more excel sheets and word documents, no more scattering pieces of paper.


To start your own ShoppingNotes:


go to and click on “Install” at the bottom. Once you’ve installed the shortcut, you can save anything you see on the web into your ShoppingNotes.