I Heart MyTheresa

April 8th, 2009

shoes & shades

Mytheresa.com has more and more become my No. 1 window-shopping site. The site was launched in 2006 by THERESA, a Munich store known for high-end fashion. I never thought I would find “cute” clothes in a German online shop, but the truth is, they have lots of playful, sweet items that will just steal your heart. 

Nowadays every store seems to carry some “designer” items, but not all stores know how to pick out the real gem from each collection.  Let’s face it, a lot of designer pieces are just plain ugly, I would never wear it even if they hand it out for free.    

Mytheresa.com has done a great job of differentiating itself from those stores that just want to have Prada or Marc Jacobs on their list of brands.   Season after season they’ve delighted me with their carefully-picked, well-edited collections which make me want to keep coming back for more.