Lazy People Like Us

May 27th, 2008

I know I’m one of those lazy people.


Last weekend when I was circling the women’s shoe section at Nordstrom, a sales associate approached me and asked “Would you like to apply for a Nordstrom card and save 20%?” My answer was “Not today.”  Actually I meant, not any day.  Fill out a two-sided form and wait at least 15 minutes for her to verify all the information? That’s too much!


I’ve always (secretly) envied a girl friend in the office. Every time I see her, she’s immaculately coiffeured like just coming out of a hair salon. One day at lunch I asked her what it would take for me to look like that. She said, “Oh, get up 45 minutes early in the morning.”  Oh, I guess I’d rather stay in bed for 45 minutes extra and have bad hair.

If I can save money or look good without lifting a finger, that’s great!  Otherwise it’s too much work.

According to Andy Sernovitz, “laziness is actually an amazingly powerful marketing force”.  So our goal at ShoppingNotes is to make it a great place for lazy people like you and me. Stay tuned for our “lazier” new features……