Smart Pen Records as You Write

December 22nd, 2008

Pulse Smartpen 250x250

Personally, I think the LiveScribe Smart Pen is the coolest gadget this year.

The Pulse™ smartpen is essentially computer in a pen that records everything you hear and links it to what you write.  You can earsily playback the recorded audio by tapping on your notes, or upload the notes and audio to a computer for future search.

I wish I had this when I was in college.  It’s a great gift to give to anyone who’s in school, or whose profession requires a lot of writing (doctors, journalists, etc.)

You can buy it directly from the Livescribe website.  They’re also available from Amazon or Target.  One thing to note is that you do need to purchase special paper under the Livescribe brand for the pen to function the way it’s supposed to.