As much as I love J. Crew, I have to ask, what are they doing selling $2000 suitcases and $3000 wedding gowns?

Maybe selling khaki pants and tank tops are just not enough for the business, but is competing with Louis Vuitton or Vera Wang the way to go??

From what I can tell, the $2950 wedding gown from J. Crew is no different from any other dress except that it has

“golden glass beads and glittering crystals hand sewn at a very exclusive couture beading house”

Are these beads made of real gold??

This being said, I’m still a big fan of the J. Crew cashmere sweaters, they’re usually priced at a little above $100 a piece, sometimes during sales you can buy them for $60-$80. The quality is GOOD. One of my sweaters was bought five years ago, I’ve washed it in the washing machine many many times (there was no drycleaner near where I lived, is that a good excuse? :) ). It was fine until the 5th year, then it starts to show some wear and tear. Can’t ask for more than that!