I can’t believe it! Right after I said Carrie’s silver sedaraby is only available on Ebay, it showed up at Barneys online store (Barneys online store changes their product links frequently. I’ll do my best to update the links. But if you see a link going to a wrong product, that’s most likely because of the changes Barneys made) today! Personally I think this is more of a classic than the Something Blue Satin Pump.

And it’s only $675!!!

So here’re your three options:

a. buy a pair for yourself from Barney’s online store (available in sizes 6 and 7 only)

b. buy several and sell them on ebay for $800+ (thanks to Erika‘s idea)


c. participate in the ShoppingNotes.com’s Giveaways so you can win anything* you want! (coming soon)

*Please leave in comments on what you’ll want to win :)

It has arrived! The Manolo Blahnik Something Blue Satin Pump is at Bergdorf Goodman for $945!!! (set price alert on this item) I know the price is impossible, but think of it this way, once it’s sold out in BG, it’ll be sold twice as high on Ebay.

Remember the $400 silver sedaraby (at least it was $400 in the show)? It’s now only available on Ebay for a Buy It Now price of $879.99.

So grab it before it’s too late! As for myself, I’m saving this into my ShoppingNotes :)

Are You Carrie?

May 29th, 2008

Hey, Carrie is back!  Here’re a couple fun quizzes for you.

Which Sex and the City girl are you?

Who’s your perfect match from those sexy men on Sex and the City?


I’m Carrie of course!! “Quirky, somtimes a little too imaginative……fall for guys who are either emotionally unattainable or completely wrong” for me. (just read in Vogue that Carrie-SJP has the same shoe size as me!)

My perfect match? The handsome and adorable Aiden!

(but everytime Big shows up, my heart just melts …)