Even though I shop online all the time, I still keep a close eye on where I shop and what information I give to the online stores.

Several years ago, I almost had my credit card stolen by some scam website.  Their website looked totally normal, except that the product images lacked the professional quality.  I placed an order and gave them all the required credit card information.  Later that day,  I kept feeling something was bothering me.  Finally I sat down at my computer and did a google search using keywords like “bad reviews on xxxxxx store”, and a dozen links came out all associating that store name to the word “scam”.  Seeing that almost gave me a heart attack!  Apparently this website doesn’t have any real goods to sell and all they do is take your credit card number to sell to someone overseas.  Needless to say, I called my credit card company right away and cancelled my card.  Thank goodness I didn’t provide them with any other information besides a sixteen-digit number!

Ever since then, I always do a google search before I shop from a store I never heard of.  If in doubt, don’t purchase, go somewhereelse.

When I buy from Ebay, I always look at a seller’s feedback before I bid on something.  A high rating number doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good seller, I like to read each and every negative feedback on that seller to see what problems he or she has had in the past.  Things like poor communication, high shipping cost or even unsatisfactory products do not concern me too much.  But there’s one rule I stand by – no matter how many positive feedbacks this seller has, if there’s one single feedback about him or her selling fake items, then I’ll stay as far away as I can.  Speaking of fakes, My Poupetter.com provides a servicet that helps you authenticate items you see on the internet.

There’s an Ebay reviewer that wrote many guides on how to avoid scams on Ebay.  Check them out if you’re a new Ebay shopper.