Lazy People Like Us

May 27th, 2008

I know I’m one of those lazy people.


Last weekend when I was circling the women’s shoe section at Nordstrom, a sales associate approached me and asked “Would you like to apply for a Nordstrom card and save 20%?” My answer was “Not today.”  Actually I meant, not any day.  Fill out a two-sided form and wait at least 15 minutes for her to verify all the information? That’s too much!


I’ve always (secretly) envied a girl friend in the office. Every time I see her, she’s immaculately coiffeured like just coming out of a hair salon. One day at lunch I asked her what it would take for me to look like that. She said, “Oh, get up 45 minutes early in the morning.”  Oh, I guess I’d rather stay in bed for 45 minutes extra and have bad hair.

If I can save money or look good without lifting a finger, that’s great!  Otherwise it’s too much work.

According to Andy Sernovitz, “laziness is actually an amazingly powerful marketing force”.  So our goal at ShoppingNotes is to make it a great place for lazy people like you and me. Stay tuned for our “lazier” new features……


3 Responses to “Lazy People Like Us”

  1. Susanna Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. There was an online service I tried called The Grocery Game. Basically, you pay $20 a month to access a spreadsheet which compiles all the sales from your selected local grocery stores plus all the coupons you should have gotten in the paper.

    The idea is that you use this to make your super-money-saving shopping list. But frankly, it was still too much work for me. I mean, we never buy canned tuna fish, I don’t care if or where it’s on sale. Planning meals for the week and then shopping for groceries takes enough time as it is, never mind correlating meal planning with a spreadsheet.

    I would much rather the deals come to me than my having to search them out. So yes, any new features you can add for us extra-lazy will be appreciated!

  2. F.W. Says:

    Yep, I’m one of those. I have it down to 45 minutes to get coffee, breakfast, feed the animals and wake up sufficiently to bathe, and 45 minutes to shower, dress, and do my hair and face.

    I don’t get any complaints. I used to be like your co-worker, but it was just too friggin’ much trouble.

  3. shoppingnotes Says:

    Gals, I’m working on it :) Send your thoughts and ideas my way!

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