It’s the holiday sale season we’ve all been waiting for!  There’s no need to count down to Black Friday (who wants to wait outside the store at the midnight of Thanksgiving?).  Come to to set price alerts on everything you’ve been longing for and start saving money—it’s easy and it’s the perfect time buy rasta zip up hoodie your teenager has always wanted!

We’d also like to remind you to take advantage of our Friend Referral Program—you can get Amazon or any electronic gift cards of your choice simply by referring friends to use our price alert service. We’ve made it super easy and it takes less than 2 minutes (see official rules here).

Happy holiday shopping!

3 Responses to “Save Big Money and Happy 2011 Holiday Shopping”

  1. Cazleigh Says:

    Once youve asked your friends to join the program and they set their shopping notes, where do you cash in the reward?

  2. shoppingnotes Says:

    Just send a note to We’ll be able to track how many of your friends have joined the program with your referral, and then you can pick what kind of reward you’d like to receive.

  3. Meng-You Yang Says:

    Hi! Cazleigh,

    Our system automatically tracks how many referrals you have made and will notify you when you make at least 10 qualified referrals. We do tally and give out rewards honestly like in .

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