US“, the outlet store from Net-A-Porter, has just arrived!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the site launch since March, even though everyone said it’s just going to be the “sale section” from its mom site.

A quick look at the site this morning proved I was right is much more than just an arm or a leg of its mom.  It has a totally different look and feel.  As the Founder and Chairman of Net-A-Porter puts it,  The OutNet is created as a fun destination for a sale shopper to call her own.

I like the “Dress Me” ideas a lot, here everything’s organized according to different occasions such as “First date”, “Board meeting” or “Meet the parents”.  It’s interesting to see what the editors have put together for each occasion, most of the time I agree with their choices.  If you’re looking for a dress or a wear-to-work jacket, I highly recommend you check out “Dress Me” first,  it’s much easier to spot something there than going through the entire “Clothing” category.

The “Flash Sales” section is also something to keep an eye on, this is where you’ll get sale items up to 80% off their original prices, for a limited 72 hours only.  Even more fun is the “Going, Going, Gone Sale” which is a new way for the fashionista to snap up a designer label at an irresistible price – you can watch the price drop as the clock ticks ……

All in all, lots of new and interesting concepts in progress, I love The OutNet!

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