Looks like these designer outlet sites just keep popping up!  Billion Dollar Babes is another site that’ll let you buy Prada, Gucci or Jimmy Choo at a deeply discounted price.

One good thing about this site is that you don’t need an invitation, just go sign up for yourself and you’re in!  Closet Couture has a provided a coupon code CC25 to take $25 off $100 purchases till the end of April.

As more and more of these sites become available, I’ve also become more and more picky.  Gilt.com has become my favorite,  since they have the names of the names.  Ruelala.com, on the other hand, sometimes surprises me with their 30% discount price on the CURRENT collections of Fendi, Bottega Veneta, etc.  These’re the same pieces that would cost a fortune at Saks or Neiman Marcus (not to say the 30%-off prices aren’t a big portion of my paycheck), sometimes I can’t help but feeling obliged to grab the “good deal”! 


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