Fashion Goes Web 2.0!

February 9th, 2009

Last Friday I went to Fashion Goes Web 2.0. This great event was organized by‘s Founder Shirley Lin. The three Web 2.0 startups that were invited to speak at the event, including, and, all help women with their daily fashion challenges.

Shirley also invited Bay Area Jewelry and Fashion designers there to give a panel discussion on design and creativity. At the end of the event, there was a Fashion Show with models (real life beauties from the Silicon Valley!!! I’ll put the video up tomorrow) wearing the Jewelry and Apparel designed by these designers. Everyone WOWed and WOOed as the models glided down the aisle, I was totally amazed by how professional they looked knowing that they are actually facebook application developers or startup founders. Founder Meng-You Yang

Meng gave the audience an overview of and the benefits of using its price alert service. He started by saying “The first rule of smart shopping is, never buy anything at full price!” During the Q&A session, someone asked, “You talked about how the price alert service will email me when price drops, what if the price goes the other way?” Meng replied, with a smile, “As a courtsey, we’ll still notify you.”

Demo was given by our Evangelist, the very lovely Tina Cheng. She showed everyone how to set a price alert using the homepage. The item she wanted to keep an eye on was Manolo Blahnik’s Somthing Blue Satin Pump (the shoe from the movie Sex and The City). As an added value, everyone also got a peek at her personal ShoppingNotes :)

WooMeOver Co-Founder Derek Chiang

Derek’s got a great sense of humor. I laughed throughout his presentation. A few funny moments:
As he demo’ed the website, he signed in as “Charlene”.
He told the audience that as you discover the jewelry designs on WooMeOver, you can easily contact the designers and ask questions about their design. As an example, he typed in a question – “How big is that thing?”
When he was asked whether there’s an online store at the WooMeOver site, he replied, “when we have enough capital, we’ll buy Ebay, that’ll give us the marketplace we need”.

Weardrobe Founder Suzanne Xie

I’ve never met Suzanne before the night and was surprised to find out that she’s a young girl (before the event I heard she came from the Wall Street, so I kind of imagined her being the mid-age banker type). She said the idea of Weardrobe came to her when she realized how much she loves to organize her closet. The audience dropped their mouths when they saw her entire closet (name and color of each item) listed in alphebetical order. Each and every item has a picture of her wearing it so you can see how she styled it. 

WooMeOver Founder Shirley Lin

I’ve never seen anyone energetic as Shirley. Despite the fact that she only slept 2 hours per day for the past week (as she was busy organizing the event and in the meanwhile trying to make sure her website can launch on the day of the event), somehow she stayed awake until the end of the event :) Everyone who came to the event got a personal hug from her, she also made sure we had enough to eat. She told us the idea of a fashion show only came to her a week ago, and yet she was able to pull this through in a very short amount of time. I was deeply impressed by her event planning talent.

Founder of Emerge Art Center Jordanna Petkun

Jordanna was the moderator for the panel discussion. Later we discovered she’s actually a great dancer. As she showed off one of the jackets designed by I. B. Bayo, she danced like a pro in the narrow isle. For a moment I almost thought I was watching Madonna!

The Designers

From Left to Right:
Rita Chung (some say she looked and sounded like Connie Chung. She works with natural stones and fresh-water pearls to create statement pieces. Her creatives ideas come to her when she’s taking showers :) )

I. B. Bayo (Bayo came from Nigeria originally. His designs are the most original I have seen – one of them is called “the jacket with 100 zippers”, you’ll see it in the video tomorrow)

Anastasia Azure (she’s fascinated with geometry and the intricate patterns of her creation look like they could come from Da Vinci – if he were still alive)

Joui Turandot (give your grandmother’s old dress to Joui and she’ll make something gorgeous out of it)

Fashion Show Model

This beautiful woman is actually the CFO of The Broth. I heard that she used to be a professional model, Wow!

Fashion Show Model

I didn’t get to catch her name, but she’s so graceful that I can’t stop staring at her!


Videos to come, so stay tuned!

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