My first online purchase was a lamp.  It has a beautiful glass shade and costs $50.  I didn’t know whereelse I could find it (for the same price),  so I decided to give the online store a try. 

On the store website, they said this particular lamp was on back order and would take several months to arrive. That’s right, not days or weeks, but months.  The good thing was they told me this beforehand, bad thing was they required payment at the time I placed the order.

I sent them a check thinking I would probably never see this money again.  For the months following, there was no communication from them, no phone calls, no emails, nothing.  I waited in silence. Part of me mocked at myself saying “See, you were stupid enough to believe in a store that has no physical address and this is what happens!” 

Four months later, one evening when I got back from work, a box was waiting outside my door.  It was a real lamp made of real glass!  And not just that, it was as beautiful as I ever imagined! I couldn’t describe how pleasantly shocked I was.

Thanks much to that store and their good business practice, I’ve become an online shopaholic ever since.


2 Responses to “Confession of an Online Shopaholic”

  1. Carambs Says:

    What was the online site? :)

    I’m from the Philippines and not a lot of sites accept international credit cards. Hope you can list some sites in the future. :)

  2. shoppingnotes Says:

    Hi Carambs, honestly I don’t know much about sites that take International orders. I guess we’ve been spoiled as US credit card holders :) I’ll keep an eye on this subject and will post something on it once I have some more knowledge.

    I found this link that lists some popular US shopping sites for women’s apparel, you could check those out to see if any of them ships internationally.;_ylt=AkK70W9WIwzEG6SG1nfmASsjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20060706105657AA7uwRA

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