On Saturday I watched Kungfu Panda in the theatre. It felt great to laugh uncontrollably for one and a half hours with everyoneelse around me. The screams, laughs or even cries from the kids added more fun to the film. I truly hope there’ll be a sequel to this one. The only little bit of disappointment I had is that, the five students of Shifu (each of them being a different animal) lacked personality – I was expecting them to have more dialogues and more interactions with the Panda. But, it’s a short (and sweet) film, I guess it’s not easy to squeeze everything in.

If you have kids of any age, here’re some fun Kungfu Panda items they may enjoy. For the babies, there’re the plush toys of Panda and the other five Kungfu students. For pre-schoolers, there’s the Kung Fu Kickin’ PO or Dream Works Kung Fu Panda ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM Fighting Game that’s full of action.

For the game-savvy folks, the Kungfu Panda game comes in Wii and Xbox versions (as well as playstation and PC versions). And for those parents who like to plan early, the Kungfu Panda costume can already be pre-ordered at multiple stores.





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