I went shopping for a birthday present for my sister on Saturday.  As I walked around the mall, I saw a Brookstone store. 

It must have been my lucky day for gift shopping – the second I saw Brookstone, an idea popped into my mind (and I have been thinking really hard for weeks, but nothing came up) , I could get her one of those massaging seat toppers!  She works in front of the computer more than 12 hours a day, this would be something she can really use. 

So I tried the different seat toppers they have in the store (everyone was trying them out, it was hard to get a seat!!!). One was really loud, it felt almost like an airplane was taking off next to you.  Another one kept pounding the same spot on your back, it became quite painful after a while. 

Finally I found it – the Shiatsu Massaging Seat Topper.   It’s so comfortable that you’ll think someone is really giving you a massage (without the greasy massage oil).  It has six massage patterns and intensity levels to choose from.  I love the full-back massage with Shiatsu, the massager goes from upper to lower back, and then up again, the strength is just right.  If you deselect Shiatsu, then it just applies a very gentle rolling motion.  Overall it feels very human, I think this really sets it apart from the other massage seat-toppers or massage chairs. 

There’re several other related products like the Shiatsu Massage Pillow and iNeed Shiatsu Foot Massager which I didn’t have time to try.  But I think they probably won’t get much use in the household as the Seat Topper

I bought the Seat Topper from the store on Saturday,  and I’m planning to order one online for myself too.   It’s a great gift to give (for Christmas, Birthdays, or even house warming), everyone can enjoy it, all she or he needs is a chair!  Brookstone.com is currently offering FREE $15 promotional gift card with a purchase of $100. (just enter promo code AF15CARD and your e-mail address at checkout), so take advantage of that when you’re ordering.


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