It’s the holiday sale season we’ve all been waiting for!  There’s no need to count down to Black Friday (who wants to wait outside the store at the midnight of Thanksgiving?).  Come to to set price alerts on everything you’ve been longing for and start saving money—it’s easy and it’s the perfect time buy rasta zip up hoodie your teenager has always wanted!

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Happy holiday shopping!

A few days ago we upgraded our system for faster email delivery and larger capacity.  During the process, however, the system had a glitch, which might have caused dozen of our users some sign-in problem.  Although it was immediately fixed, we still asked all our users to sign in again for safety purposes.  You need to do this only once, and everything should be the same as usual, except now you will be receiving your price alert emails earlier every day.

We’ve also fixed an Internet Explorer 8 problem, which could show an error message when you use the “Save to My Shopping Notes” button.  No actions are needed on your part.  In addition, we’ve released the “Save to My Shopping Notes” button for Chrome and Safari as well.  Give it a try!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So go set some price alerts for your significant other. He or she may appreciate those price drop notifications! :)

It’s the holidays! is kicking off a Friend Referral Program — now you can get Amazon or any electronic gift cards of your choice simply by referring friends to use our price alert service.  We’ve made it super easy and it takes less than 2 minutes (see official rules here).

If you are an existing user or have received the email invitation to this Program, start inviting friends NOW and save big money together.  Otherwise, to participate, set at least one price alert on the products you want to buy using our front page or the “Save to My Shopping Notes” button, and you will receive an invitation by email, subject to availability.

Also your favorite Christian Louboutin or Prada can go on sale any minute now.  Don’t forget to come to to set price alerts on the products you’ve been longing for!

Happy holiday shopping!

If you’re using the newly released Internet Explorer 8, you may have seen an error message “Internet Explorer has modified this page to help prevent cross-site scripting” when using our “Save to My Shopping Notes” button. Here’s the good news—We’ve fixed this problem and everything should work the same way as before! There’s no action you need to take. Just click on the “Save to My Shopping Notes” button as usual whenever you see a product of interest. (This problem only affected Internet Explorer 8. Earlier versions of Internet Explorer and other browsers had no such issue)

Special thanks to one of our users for notifying us of this issue! Please continue to let us know any problems or suggestions you have about We appreciate your support.

Summer is here and lots of sales are going on right now. So head to to set price alerts on the items you’ve been coveting and start saving big money now! In The News

February 23rd, 2009

We’ve just added a “Press” page to our website. I want to personally thank all the media that told the world about us – I swear we haven’t bribed anyone with T-shirts or Jellybeans :) was the first site that discovered us (right after our launch!). Since then we’ve been seen in Redorbit, Inventorspot, Geeksugar, Lifehacker, CNET, MSNBC, CBS news, LA times, O the Oprah Magazine, ……

Thank you, Editors! We appreciate your help in spreading the word about us. If you ever want some Jellybeans, please do let me know.

A big thank you hug also goes to all our users for giving us suggestions, sending us bug reports, and helping us grow. We always read every email and respond as fast as we can. Please continue to support us and let us know your thoughts on how we can improve!

The Team

As promised, here’re the videos from “Fashion Goes Web 2.0″ :) Let us know if you want to be invited to one of these events next time – this time the event was completely sold out and some people that came all the way from Fresno had to be turned away.  So get in the line early! Intro (by Founder Meng-You Yang) and Demo (by Evangelist Tina Cheng)

YouTube Preview Image


Fashion Show Part I (Joui Turandot’s creations)

YouTube Preview Image


Fashion Show Part II (I. B. Bayo’s creations)

YouTube Preview Image

Tell us who your favorite model is!!!

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We’ve also added Hot Deals of the Week to our front page to help you find the best deals online. Each week we will feature thousands of sale items, with many of them 50% off. Among this week’s hot deals are Vivienne Westwood, Theory, Tory Burch, Cole Haan, True Religion, and lots more.

So check it out and take advantage of these deals this holiday season to give gifts in style without hurting your wallet!

Please let us know what you think of our site by sending your feedback to We are always looking for ways to improve our site and make your best online shopping pal :)

Happy Holidays and have fun shopping!


First, go to the product that you want to watch price on (for example, Mario Kart Wii with Wii wheel), copy the URL.

Then, go to ShoppingNotes, paste the URL into the top box. Enter your email address in the box below. Click on “Get Alerts“. 


If you’ve never used ShoppingNotes before, you’ll receive an email requesting email verification.  Open up that email, click on “Activate Alerts“.

Once you do that, you’ll see the product image, description and price retrieved for you. This demonstrates that we can successfully retrieve the information from the URL link you’ve provided. You can be certain that any price change will be monitored and you’ll be the first one to know!


Please note that the URL you enter needs to be the URL of one particular product (not the entire TV section of, and it needs to have a price listed on that product page (otherwise there’s no way for us to watch its price change).

To save the hassle of copying and pasting URLs everytime, you can install the Shoppingnotes bookmarklet and set price alerts using the bookmarklet following these instructions.

ShoppingNotes FAQ

June 20th, 2008

I’m using this post as a central location for all the FAQs I’ve written.


How To Set A Price Alert (without installing anything)


How To Install The ShoppingNotes Button On Your Toolbar


Step By Step On How To Save A Product Into ShoppingNotes (For Internet Explorer) 


Step By Step On How To Save A Product Into ShoppingNotes (For Firefox)


How To Organize Your ShoppingNotes And Set Price Alerts On Saved Products 


For other questions, please refer to




Here’s the Firefox user version: (I’ll be posting the IE user version in a different post)

Once you install the ShoppingNotes bookmarklet on your browser’s toolbar, you can save any product into your ShoppingNotes in just two clicks. 

When you’re on a product page at an online store, simply click on the “Save to my ShoppingNotes” button on your toolbar:


If you haven’t already signed in, you’ll see the screen below.  (For those who don’t have a ShoppingNotes account, we encourage you to sign up for one. It only takes 30 seconds, and gives you the benefit of accessing your ShoppingNotes from anywhere. If you click on  “Continue without Signing Up” , you’ll be able to save the product into a temporary account, which resides only on this computer you’re using now).  



After you’ve signed in, you can save the product into your personal ShoppingNotes by clicking on “Save”.  I usually do two things before I click on “Save”, first is to click on the radio button next to “Alert me whenever the price changes” (so I’ll get an email when price changes), second is to select the list that I want the product to go under and click on “Add” (this makes my life easier since I have a lot of products in my ShoppingNotes).


Once you click on “Save”, the product (image, description, price and link) will be saved into your ShoppingNotes in a few seconds.  Now you can either go take a look at your ShoppingNotes by clicking on the “Go To My ShoppingNotes” button or just sit back and let it automatically go back to the original product page you were on.

This is how your ShoppingNotes will look like after you’ve saved this product.  The product you just saved is on the very top.