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Cashback from Discover More

August 27th, 2008

Discover is now offering $50 cash bonus on their Discover® More Card.  When I looked at the details of this card, I was surprised that they’re being so generous (in the relative sense :)   ).  You get $50 when you spend $500 in purchase (I believe this is a one-time deal), and from day to day, you get 5%-20% cashbacks when you shop from their partner online stores. On top of that, they also offer you

5% Cashback Bonus in categories like travel, home improvement stores, department stores, gas, groceries, restaurants, and many more (1% on all other purchases).

Right now I carry a dozen cards since each offers cashback in a different category (one for travel, one for department stores/groceries, one for restaurants, one for gas, etc.),  looks like Discover combined them all into one. 

If you haven’t tried any of the cashback credit cards, now is the time to get one.  I noticed that most cards are pretty generous in the beginning, after several years they’ll try to cut down the cashback percentage or categories (giving out more money than they could afford???). 

Here’re the details of what this card offers:

  • 5% Cashback Bonus in categories like travel, home improvement stores, department stores, gas, groceries, restaurants, and many more
  • 5% to 20% Cashback Bonus at top online retailers through our exclusive online shopping site, ShopDiscover
  • Up to 1% unlimited Cashback Bonus on all other purchases automatically
  • Unlimited cash rewards that never expire
  • Increase, even double, your rewards every time you redeem for gift cards or instant eCertificates from over 100 brand-name Partners
  • 0% intro APR Balance transfers for 12 months for customers with excellent credit
  • 0% purchase APR for 6 months, as low as 10.99% purchase APR thereafter based on your credit history
  • no annual fee
  • at this time, $50 cash bonus for $500 purchase with this card

I’m thinking to give this one a try.  That’ll probably solve my problem of finding a wallet that has enough room for my card collection (credit cards, grocery store discount cards, IDs etc.).  Believe it or not, it’s really hard to find one that can take more than a dozen cards.  The nicer-looking a wallet is, the smaller (skinnier) its card compartment is.  The Louis Vuitton wallets are the worst (not that I owned any), they’re probably designed for people who don’t need to do any grocery shopping or need any cashback from credit cards (sigh).


Even though I shop online all the time, I still keep a close eye on where I shop and what information I give to the online stores.

Several years ago, I almost had my credit card stolen by some scam website.  Their website looked totally normal, except that the product images lacked the professional quality.  I placed an order and gave them all the required credit card information.  Later that day,  I kept feeling something was bothering me.  Finally I sat down at my computer and did a google search using keywords like “bad reviews on xxxxxx store”, and a dozen links came out all associating that store name to the word “scam”.  Seeing that almost gave me a heart attack!  Apparently this website doesn’t have any real goods to sell and all they do is take your credit card number to sell to someone overseas.  Needless to say, I called my credit card company right away and cancelled my card.  Thank goodness I didn’t provide them with any other information besides a sixteen-digit number!

Ever since then, I always do a google search before I shop from a store I never heard of.  If in doubt, don’t purchase, go somewhereelse.

When I buy from Ebay, I always look at a seller’s feedback before I bid on something.  A high rating number doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good seller, I like to read each and every negative feedback on that seller to see what problems he or she has had in the past.  Things like poor communication, high shipping cost or even unsatisfactory products do not concern me too much.  But there’s one rule I stand by – no matter how many positive feedbacks this seller has, if there’s one single feedback about him or her selling fake items, then I’ll stay as far away as I can.  Speaking of fakes, My Poupetter.com provides a servicet that helps you authenticate items you see on the internet.

There’s an Ebay reviewer that wrote many guides on how to avoid scams on Ebay.  Check them out if you’re a new Ebay shopper.


As much as I love J. Crew, I have to ask, what are they doing selling $2000 suitcases and $3000 wedding gowns?

Maybe selling khaki pants and tank tops are just not enough for the business, but is competing with Louis Vuitton or Vera Wang the way to go??

From what I can tell, the $2950 wedding gown from J. Crew is no different from any other dress except that it has

“golden glass beads and glittering crystals hand sewn at a very exclusive couture beading house”

Are these beads made of real gold??

This being said, I’m still a big fan of the J. Crew cashmere sweaters, they’re usually priced at a little above $100 a piece, sometimes during sales you can buy them for $60-$80. The quality is GOOD. One of my sweaters was bought five years ago, I’ve washed it in the washing machine many many times (there was no drycleaner near where I lived, is that a good excuse? :) ). It was fine until the 5th year, then it starts to show some wear and tear. Can’t ask for more than that!

My first online purchase was a lamp.  It has a beautiful glass shade and costs $50.  I didn’t know whereelse I could find it (for the same price),  so I decided to give the online store a try. 

On the store website, they said this particular lamp was on back order and would take several months to arrive. That’s right, not days or weeks, but months.  The good thing was they told me this beforehand, bad thing was they required payment at the time I placed the order.

I sent them a check thinking I would probably never see this money again.  For the months following, there was no communication from them, no phone calls, no emails, nothing.  I waited in silence. Part of me mocked at myself saying “See, you were stupid enough to believe in a store that has no physical address and this is what happens!” 

Four months later, one evening when I got back from work, a box was waiting outside my door.  It was a real lamp made of real glass!  And not just that, it was as beautiful as I ever imagined! I couldn’t describe how pleasantly shocked I was.

Thanks much to that store and their good business practice, I’ve become an online shopaholic ever since.


ShoppingNotes FAQ

June 20th, 2008

I’m using this post as a central location for all the FAQs I’ve written.


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For other questions, please refer to http://www.shoppingnotes.com/help/userfaq