In The News

February 23rd, 2009

We’ve just added a “Press” page to our website. I want to personally thank all the media that told the world about us – I swear we haven’t bribed anyone with T-shirts or Jellybeans :) was the first site that discovered us (right after our launch!). Since then we’ve been seen in Redorbit, Inventorspot, Geeksugar, Lifehacker, CNET, MSNBC, CBS news, LA times, O the Oprah Magazine, ……

Thank you, Editors! We appreciate your help in spreading the word about us. If you ever want some Jellybeans, please do let me know.

A big thank you hug also goes to all our users for giving us suggestions, sending us bug reports, and helping us grow. We always read every email and respond as fast as we can. Please continue to support us and let us know your thoughts on how we can improve!

The Team

As promised, here’re the videos from “Fashion Goes Web 2.0″ :) Let us know if you want to be invited to one of these events next time – this time the event was completely sold out and some people that came all the way from Fresno had to be turned away.  So get in the line early! Intro (by Founder Meng-You Yang) and Demo (by Evangelist Tina Cheng)

YouTube Preview Image


Fashion Show Part I (Joui Turandot’s creations)

YouTube Preview Image


Fashion Show Part II (I. B. Bayo’s creations)

YouTube Preview Image

Tell us who your favorite model is!!!

Lazy People Like Us

May 27th, 2008

I know I’m one of those lazy people.


Last weekend when I was circling the women’s shoe section at Nordstrom, a sales associate approached me and asked “Would you like to apply for a Nordstrom card and save 20%?” My answer was “Not today.”  Actually I meant, not any day.  Fill out a two-sided form and wait at least 15 minutes for her to verify all the information? That’s too much!


I’ve always (secretly) envied a girl friend in the office. Every time I see her, she’s immaculately coiffeured like just coming out of a hair salon. One day at lunch I asked her what it would take for me to look like that. She said, “Oh, get up 45 minutes early in the morning.”  Oh, I guess I’d rather stay in bed for 45 minutes extra and have bad hair.

If I can save money or look good without lifting a finger, that’s great!  Otherwise it’s too much work.

According to Andy Sernovitz, “laziness is actually an amazingly powerful marketing force”.  So our goal at ShoppingNotes is to make it a great place for lazy people like you and me. Stay tuned for our “lazier” new features……


Last night I was reading a Vogue article (somehow got a whole year of free Vogue) on Gwyneth Paltrow.


I’m surprised that she actually uses Google to find sushi restaurants and shops online at


I remember net-a-porter used to be a small company in far far away England, now everybody in the world knows about it. (I want to buy their stock) One thing I’ve noticed is that the more expensive something is on net-a-porter, the faster it’ll get sold out. Every Wednesday morning they roll out their weekly new arrivals, by 10am PST these insanely expensive items are already sold out, people in the west coast haven’t even had a chance to look at them. Who’s buying $8000 dresses or $1000 shoes? How can they be sold out in every possible size within a matter of hours?


Now I know. I’m in competition with Gwyneth (assuming buying the dress is more important to me than paying property tax for this year).


It just occurred to me maybe Gwyneth will also find ShoppingNotes useful. Although she probably won’t set any price alerts.


my ShoppingNotes


Women are busy. We carry our lives and the lives of everyone around us on our shoulders.  Many times I don’t even have time for grocery shopping.  That’s the main reason that I keep everything online, light bulbs, shoes, “green” detergents, baby stuff, everything.


I usually go to Yahoo Shopping to find a product, and use Google for not so common items.  Finding something is not a problem these days, the problem is I don’t know what to do with all the things I’ve found.  


Sometimes I buy the first thing I see just because I don’t want to deal with the 434,000 choices I get from Google.


I don’t need more information. There’s already too much information on the internet. I just need a better way to organize it.


This was the thinking when ShoppingNotes was born.


I want to be able to keep everything I’ve found on the web, it doesn’t matter whether I saw it in Google, Yahoo Shopping, or someone’s blog.  With just one click, I would be able to save any link along with an image, price and product description. Also I want to be able to create lists, copy/move/delete things, sort products in a variety of ways, and keep the prices updated.


And this is exactly what ShoppingNotes does.  No more zillions of links under Internet Explorer’s “Favorites”, no more excel sheets and word documents, no more scattering pieces of paper.


To start your own ShoppingNotes:


go to and click on “Install” at the bottom. Once you’ve installed the shortcut, you can save anything you see on the web into your ShoppingNotes.